As much as we might try to deny it, how we function at the piano is a metaphor for who we are.  As a musician and teacher I

have come to accept this as an absolute truth.  Sometimes I like what I see in myself and other times not so much.

Obviously the same holds true for my students.  The only difference is I find it infinitely easier to accept this in my students

rather than in myself, but this reality ultimately puts us both on a level playing field.  As a teacher, it is my primary

responsibility to embrace this metaphor so I can more fully understand my students first as people and then as students.

This is what makes my work so meaningful and exciting. 

Sitting at the piano requires little space.  But the energy field surrounding this is enormous, infinite.  What a thrilling place

to be.  I’m very fortunate because I get to spend countless hours here, smack in the middle of this consciousness.  My

total experience as a musician, teacher and music therapist all intersect right here, at the piano.  I am constantly

challenged to understand my students as total beings who have chosen to share this space with me.  This is an honor I

never take for granted.  All of this adds a tremendous depth to the process of making music.